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Charts are hard, so we already pushed the pixels that you can focus on data.

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Februar 2024

  • Vitainvest Core
  • ETF Shares Vital
  • iShares Tech Growth

List and Tables

Modular lists and tables that go along with badges, icons, or visualization elements.



Powerful filter components for better interaction with your data, with full support for keyboard navigation.

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Advanced visualizations

Tracker, Bar Lists, and many more components to visualize complex use cases gracefully.


Badges, Icons and many more UI elements

All the necessary components to complement analytical interfaces.


Data Workspaces

1 of 5 used

Data Bars, Spark Charts, and Progress Circles

Micro visualizations to highlight even the smallest details better.

Tremor Blocks & Templates

Production-ready templates to launch tomorrow

Carefully crafted templates built by experts with the latest technology stack based on React and Next.js. Get templates for anything to build and launch your idea.

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Leading developers build with Tremor

  • Tremor makes it so easy to build beautiful dashboards. The ReactJS / Next.js ecosystem just keeps getting better and better.

    CEO @ Vercel
  • Super excited to see the Tremor release, Looking forward to using it in my side projects and maybe internally at Mentimeter :) it looks fantastic

    Engineering Manager @ Mentimeter
  • It is a solid 10/10 for me and I am sure this project will take over the dashboarding business in the upcoming months!

    Founder @ useplunk
  • I am in love with the @tremorlabs viz library & we've been working to adopt it in our Starter Kits. Today we merged the migration to Tremor in our Web Analytics Starter Kit. It's beautiful 😍

    DevRel Lead @ Tinybird
  • Creating dashboards quickly with @tremorlabs

    Sales Engineering Manager @ Vercel
  • Love how clean the dashboard library from @tremorlabs is.

    Senior Software Engineer @ Stripe

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