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“I had only 8 hours to build a full-stack app for a job interview”

Jorge Orejas

Jorge Orejas

Software Engineer @ Factorial

You mentioned that you used Tremor for a job assignment. Tell us a little bit more?

I came across a tweet from Guillermo Rauch, the CEO of Vercel, in which he tweeted about your product. I fell in love with Tremor’s nice-looking UI components and its straightforward developer experience. Coincidentally, I was in an interview process where I was given the task to build a full-stack app in eight hours. Given this constraint, I wanted to give Tremor a shot because I did not want to build from scratch. It helped me to reduce the complexity of developing a highly technical user interface while meeting a high design level at the same time.

Some candidates were not even able to finish the assignment on time as told by the employer. Tremor was clearly the stepping stone to both expand my skills and ensure an efficient workflow to deliver on time. This was probably the tipping point for getting the offer from Factorial, the latest Spanish unicorn.

What do you think was the importance of Tremor in representing and shaping your skills?

In my view, a part of being a developer is the ability to use the tools you got at hand to build a full project––and this in an efficient and thoughtful way. Tremor helped me focus on what really mattered for the assignment: Showing to the company what I would be able to provide if I know a tool that is perfectly capable of doing what I need to do.

Jorge's application built in less than 8 hours for a software engineer position at Factorial

Do you have already ideas of what to build next with tremor?

A friend and I started a side project to help companies to keep their Web Analytics ownership whilst respecting GDPR and Privacy policies here in the EU. They would provide a database and a subdomain of their page and we would allow them to have insights on their website and a helpful dashboard. That dashboard would be implemented using Tremor. The usability and how good it looks is a super start for us.

You seem to be very entrepreneurial and community-driven. What do you think about the start-up and tech scene in Spain?

Barcelona has become one of the most important startup hubs. The city's past of being the most important industrial hub helped to establish a culture of appreciation and encouragement for those who wanted to do things differently.

Here in Asturias, even with our past based on the coal extraction industry, is becoming an IT hub for Spain, our university has been one of the first that included the Data Engineering degree and international companies are migrating here.

Any fun fact about your home town you want to share?

A great fact is that the Deep Mind founders, were awarded probably the most important award prized in Spain (Asturias’ Princess Awards Foundation), and they offered some conferences for us at the university.

Also, the two-time F1 world champions Fernando Alonso was born and raised in Oviedo. He has a karting circuit in the town and a museum where you can go and watch every single car he drove, from Karting and Formula 1 to WEC, Dakar, and Indycar.

Nov 10, 2022

About Jorge

About Jorge

Jorge is a 19 years old Software Engineering student from Asturias, Spain. He loves to know how things work on the inside: “As a young kid, I remember how my grandpa fixed the toys my brother and I broke, since then I always had the curiosity and need to learn and build technology.” He will start his software engineering career at Factorial , a Spanish software company, on Nov 21, 2022.

About Factorial

About Factorial