1. Getting Started
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Getting Started


An open-source UI component library for building insightful dashboards in a breeze.

What is tremor?

Tremor is a low-level, opinionated UI component library to build dashboards. It offers components, such as charts, layouts, or input elements, covering the essential parts of a dashboard or analytical interface. Our approach provides great flexibility between beautiful defaults and fast customization. The best way to get started is to check out our templates, called Blocks, for getting a feeling of how components are used and combined.

We build upon four principles


Our components are modular and built for compositions. All of them can be combined to build highly customized dashboards.


Tremor is made for rapid prototypes. That is why we harbor many defaults, which can be quickly calibrated with our simple API.


We have distilled all our knowledge from designing analytical interfaces into tremor. We aim for components that create analytical value and meet a high design standard.


Open-source and free knowledge allowed us to build tremor. We want to pay it forward and create a platform that bridges data analytics and web development.



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