Instant dashboards for busy developers

Where there is data, there is mostly a need to visualize it. However, building great analytical interfaces requires knowledge in different areas and a considerable amount of effort to bring together different libraries.

Tremor is a library with everything a developer needs to build a dashboard, such as charts, layouts or input elements. With our simple API-first approach, we provide modular components with a great balance between beautiful defaults and fast customization. On top of that, we offer micro templates to help developers bridge analytics and design without taking care of the grunt work.

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About us

We find flow in discussing gradient charts, rounded corners, and subtle drop shadows on Friday nights. Although working full-time jobs, we cannot leave our passion at the door and started Tremor as a side project beside our regular work.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than turning a rough idea into a live product. Tremor is the result of long nights and a deep desire to feed a hunger for curiosity and information.